Pricing. Proposals. Scenarios.
You can do it all here.

1Solution is a very powerful software ideal to send proposals,
lock rates, request special scenarios, and much more...

What does 1Solution offer?

Pricing engine

We offer a pricing engine like no other, fast, responsive and user friendly. Run scenarios in real time with rates from multiple lenders.

Customer portal

1Solution offers a customer portal where they can sign up, connect and get in contact with the MLO.

Cloud-based system

Save files, clients contact information and other important data without the need to worry about losing them in our cloud-based system.


1Solution counts with a built-in emailing, messaging and chatting system that allows you to communicate with your contacts and also send proposals and other documents.


You have access to personalized marketing content, which includes loan program flyers, holidays, birthdays and anniversary images that feature your contact information.


Gain access to our CRM software that helps manage your contacts, their information and create a strong relationship with them.


Our platform is fast and efficient, allowing anyone to use our tools with quickness and ease.


Work on loans, contact clients and use other tools whenever you want as long as the lenders update the rates.

Tech support

We offer a tech support team that is available to help you with any issues or questions you may have.


Mobile Optimized

Give your clients a quick an personalized attention by bringing 1Solution with you. Our website is fully optimized for mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones or laptops, so you can use our platform at any time, anywhere.

Always ready

Access to our pricing engine from any device and be as productive as always. Run and compare scenarios, lock rates and send proposals to your customers at any time to maximize your productivity and have a quick response to your clients needs.


Marketing content

Get access to a ton of marketing content to post on your blog, social media or anywhere else. Personalize every flyer from top to bottom depending on what you need. Informative flyers for loan programs, images for holidays and important dates and many others.

More Than 80 Investor Pricing Engine